By now you probably heard about the arrest of former Rider High School quarterback and current Ohio State starter J.T. Barrett on Halloween night, but now you can see it as police have just released the dash cam footage. 

The Rider fan base was super excited when it was announced that J.T. Barrett would be the starting quarterback for Ohio State this season. Ohio State is currently undefeated, with J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones vying for playing time at quarterback.

About a week and half ago, J.T. Barrett got stopped at a DUI checkpoint on Halloween night. The officer says he could smell booze on Barrett's breath, though J.T. insists he had nothing to drink that night.

In the video Barrett is given several field sobriety tests -- and does fairly well -- but the cop is not convinced he's 100% sober and arrests him. That's when Barrett plays the "don't you know who I am" card saying, "I'm the quarterback of Ohio State, officer, there's nothing you can do?

Earlier this week, Barrett plead guilty to operating a motor vehicle under the influence and his license was suspended for 180 days.