Facebook is trying out a new charge for messaging people that you are not friends with. Mark Zuckerburg is apparently the way they are testing this out. Before you start typing up your message, you may want to hit up the bank.

Mashable reported early Friday that some users trying to message Zuckerberg are offered the option to pay $100 to ensure that their message reaches the Facebook CEO's inbox. Without paying, the message would likely end up in Zuckerberg's "other" message folder, an oft-overlooked purgatory between the spam folder and the inbox.

Facebook says it's testing the "extreme" prices to "see what works to filter spam. The company is also testing a service that lets people pay $1 per message to route communications to non-friends' in boxes. Zuckerberg has more than 16 million followers on the site.

Does anybody remember Tom from MySpace? Of course you do he was your first friend and I doubt he would make you pay some ridiculous money for a message. Then again we never hear from Tom anymore so I guess Zuckerburg wins.