I’ve heard that actors get hungry during awards season. They take all day primping for the big event, then run through press, photographs, and ceremonies that take forever. By the time it’s all over with, they’re getting pretty hungry. When Ellen pulled a pizza delivery guy onto the stage during the Oscars this past Sunday night, I thought it was a brilliant idea. At the same time, I wasn’t alone in wondering if it was an actual delivery guy or a paid actor. As it turns out, he was for real.

The man’s name is Edgar and he’s a co-owner of a pizzeria near the location of the Oscars, and he wasn’t expecting to be on stage that night. Instead, he was under the impression he was delivering to some writers of the show. When Ellen brought him onto her show this week, he explained that it was a surreal experience and he was truly thrilled to be so close to Julia Roberts, a woman from his dreams.

During the broadcast, Ellen brought Pharrell’s hat to audience members to collect tips for Edgar, and she gave him that tip on her show. As it turns out, she collected $600 during the broadcast and then added an extra $400 to make it an even $1,000 tip. Not bad for delivering to a bunch of celebrities on the biggest night in Hollywood!

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