Spider-Man: No Way Home is breaking box office records left and right, so it’s easy to forget that just a few months ago, Marvel was reeling from one of its biggest flops ever. Eternals wound up grossing just $164 million in U.S. theaters, the lowest total for any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. You can’t blame its weak performance on the pandemic; even before Spider-Man: No Way Home, both Shang-Chi and Black Widow made more in theaters — and Black Widow was simultaneously available on Disney+ at an added cost of $30.

If you’re one of the many Marvel fans who skipped Eternals in theaters, you can now watch it at home, as it is available on Disney+ starting today. The film stars Gemma Chan as Sersi, a powerful member of the immortal race of alien gods known as the Eternals. Sersi and the rest of the Eternals have been scattered to the corners of the Earth for decades but now they must reunite to tackle a threat from their collective past.

Based on the Jack Kirby comics of the same name, Eternals does do some new things with the lore of the MCU, but as I wrote in my review of the film, those ideas “never quite comes to the foreground amidst a lot of listless exposition and the same sort of CGI-driven action sequences that conclude every Marvel blockbuster,” leaving a film “about stories and, in a way, about the characters in one of those stories rebelling against the confines of their predetermined roles in the narrative. When they’re trapped in a movie as crummy as this one, it’s hard not to sympathize with their position.”

After you watch the movie, we have a ton of videos about the film available on our YouTube channel. Here’s a sample:

Sign up for Disney+ here. Eternals is available to watch here.

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