They say don't cry over spilled milk, but spilled Dr Pepper, that's a whole 'nother story.

Wednesday morning (4/15) a Wichita County deputy was cautioning drivers to slow down as they approached an accident on highway 287 just outside Wichita Falls near Iowa Park. Apparently the driver of the Dr Pepper truck did not see the officer signaling to slow down and slammed on his brakes at the last minute, causing him to lose control of the vehicle after swerving to avoid hitting the clean-up crew.

The deputy's dashcam captured video (seen above) of the Dr Pepper truck as it careened off the highway and overturned into a ditch, spilling cases of the succulent soft drink onto the ground. Oh the horror!

The good news is the driver of the truck suffered only minor injuries. Wish we could say the same for his precious cargo. Here's the aftermath photographed by KFDX: