What is wrong with some people? 

I take sports as seriously as anyone out there. When I play a game of any sort, I play to win – and with that mindset comes an intense passion. 

For most people, passion is a great thing. It increases your focus and drive to be successful. 

But for someone with a bad temper, passion can have a negative impact – especially when that person feels like they’re being cheated out of a win they’ve worked hard for. 

A little league baseball coach here in Texas who is now going viral for his antics is a great example of a passionate person with a bad temper crossing the line. 

During a tournament in The Colony last weekend, the coach came out of the dugout to complain about a call at home plate. Nothing at all wrong with that, it’s part of baseball. 

However, after a tense back-and-forth with the home plate umpire, he was ejected from the game. Most coaches at that point would give the umpire an earful as they left the game. Instead, the coach in the video immediately shoved the umpire to the ground. 

And it was a hard shove. 

I’m not sure whether or not the umpire hit his head when he went down, but he stayed on the ground for a while after the shove. The kids were eventually cleared from the field, leading me to wonder if they ultimately called the game. 

Hopefully, the umpire is okay. It’s not clear at the moment if the coach is facing any criminal charges. But I’m guessing his coaching days are over, at the very least.

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