In case you missed it, Wichita Falls is getting a new hockey team and ownership is letting the fans pick the name. Here is my idea.

Glad to see our city is getting sports back. During the press conference, they announced the team would be starting sometime in October. They also want us to pick the team name, which I love. Hopefully, this is not some publicity stunt like the trolley name. I hope ownership decides to pick something unique and not something generic.

That is what I am sick of, generic. Literally, all of our team names could have been used anywhere. The Spudders, someone that sets up an oil rig. Could have used that anywhere in Texas. The Texans, once again, anywhere in Texas could use that name, The Wildcats, could have been used anywhere. The Nighthawks could have been used anywhere. Nothing ties any of these teams to our city.

My favorite minor league team names are ones that embrace the city they're in. Topeka Train Robbers, Las Vegas Area 51's, and Aberdeen Ironbirds to name a few. Most of those teams you could only put in those cities, which is what I want in Wichita Falls. A team name that ONLY our city could use and we could all recognize.

So I give you The Wichita Falls Red Draws. Home Jerseys would be Red and Black, Away Jerseys Red and White. The mascot would be a red beer mug with angry eyes, which would also be the logo for the team. I want a hat and shirt already just thinking about it.

Think about the sponsorships? You could have a Wichita Falls bar have their own red draw stand in the Coliseum and we could have a cup with the angry eyes on it. Then when the red draw goes in, it becomes the mascot. Please make this happen!

This is my idea and I hope it wins. If you have an idea, you can email the team at can also add your suggestion to their Facebook post. I wish this new team the best of luck and hopefully, they become The Red Draws.

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