Christmas is a holiday celebrated in millions of homes and yet I don't think that it is celebrated the same in any two houses. Each family has their own specific and sometimes unexplained traditions.

If you think about it, Christmas is like a board game. It comes with the basic instructions and then each person changes it to fit their style. In my family, the big tradition is that we each a big 'Cena' at midnight. My parents lived in Mexico for a while and I guess that is where this tradition of a midnight dinner comes from. It's a delicious tradition and a great excuse to eat Mexican food. We also do the Christmas eve gift pass around game. That's the one where everyone sits in a circle and then somebody reads a story and if the words left or right are said you pass the gift that direction. At the end of the story you get the gift you are holding.

Do you have any weird traditions or random things that you just do because that's what your family does?