An investigation is going on since a bullying video has been going around social media allegedly from Barwise Middle School.

The video has been taken down, but I did happen to see it this past week. It appears to show a student being shoved against a wall and other students slapping him in the face. People say this kid had been getting picked on at Barwise Middle School. The WFISD is aware of the video and Superintendent Michael Kuhrt had this to say:

Our campuses work with students regarding appropriate conflict resolution techniques. The actions of many of the students in that short video are inappropriate. In the same manner, many people on social media sites are also inappropriate in their conclusions regarding a very short video and inaccurate hearsay."

I have read some people's comments online about this situation and I am not going to spread those rumors since I don't how accurate they are. All I know is what I saw, a kid being pushed and slapped by a pretty big group of kids. The Superintendent should have stopped his response at "the actions of many of the students in that short video are inappropriate." That next line about social media is only riling up parents even more.

Yes, parents are probably freaking out about the video. Wouldn't you though? If I had a kid at that school, I would be a little concerned as well. Just let the parents know the ISD will be talking to all the students in the video and will keep you updated after an investigation is done.

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