A school board meeting is happening tonight and it looks like mascots/colors are a big topic for the new high schools.

Not too long ago, I submitted my my ideas for mascot names for the new high schools. I submitted Memorial Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Legacy Landsharks. I was surprised to see this morning that Landsharks actually made the top choices. KFDX is reporting these are the top finalists.

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For Wichita Falls Memorial High School:

  • The Aviators — green and black
  • The Falcons — navy and silver
  • The Mavericks — royal blue and black
  • The Titans — royal blue and silver OR sand and power red

The Mavericks and Titans are currently the top two choices.

For Wichita Falls Legacy High School, there are five options:

  • The Raptors — navy and silver
  • The Landsharks — purple and black
  • The Sentinels — black and silver
  • The Lobos — burgundy and sand
  • The Lightning — navy and burgundy

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see the Landsharks make the top ten. That color combination is AWFUL. When you think shark, you think purple? NO! Also, it's the color combination for one of the teams I hate with a passion in the NFL, I'll let you do the math on that one.

It's possible myself and someone else submitted the names Landsharks. If the school board goes with this choice, I hope purple and black are not the colors. Go with black and white, blue and white, black and red. Literally anything ,but purple!

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