Yes, the Rams beat the Cowboys on Sunday. What in the hell did they think showing up to AT&T stadium in those uniforms? 

The Los Angeles Rams came into AT&T stadium on Sunday wearing their new Los Angeles Rams helmet. Well, I guess technically it is the old Los Angeles Rams helmet. Light blue with the white horn, looks fine. However, it looks awkward when you pair it with the Saint Louis Rams uniform. Dark blue with the golden ram horn trim on the jersey with pants.

It looks like when my little cousin picks out what to wear for the day. Nothing matches, but we're going to go out on the town looking like this so he doesn't cry. The Rams say they're trying out new looks for the time being before they get a full uniform rehaul in 2019. They will be opening up their brand new stadium then and want new uniforms to go along with it.

NFL rules prohibit a team from changing its uniform entirely more than once in a five-year period. They can change one piece at a time. Right now we're in the awkward helmet changed, but jersey still the same period.

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