Wichita Falls drinking game for this weekend: every time you see someone in this costume, take a shot. You will have alcohol poisoning before midnight.

The fine folks over at FrightGeist have determined the most popular costumes for cities all across America using Google. Wichita Falls made the list for cities with popular Halloween costumes. In not-so-shocking news, Harley Quinn is the number one spot. In fact, Harley Quinn is the most popular costume nationally as well.

However, once we get into the top five, things change for our city compared to nationally. The only one I found surprising was Where's Waldo, is that a popular thing in 2016? I think I missed a memo.

  • 1

    Harley Quinn

    Not shocking that this is number one. 'Suicide Squad' was huge this year.

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 2

    Darth Vader

    'Rogue One' is coming out in December and we know Darth Vader is back in that movie. So it's only right he makes a comeback in Halloween 2016.

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 3


    Frightgeist just sad Princess, you have so many different princesses, so I just went with this generic pink princess photo. Probably supposed to be Peach from 'Super Mario'.

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 4

    Where's Waldo

    We all probably read 'Where's Waldo' books when we were kids, didn't know Waldo was this popular in 2016.

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit
  • 5


    The 'Pokemon Go' hype has definitely died down, but Pikachu is still going strong this Halloween.

    Photo Courtesy of Spirit