Nearly every major movie franchise has a marketable logo to go along with it. Of those logos, which is the most recognizable?

The website conducted a poll to measure respondents' familiarity with logos from movies, television, video games, and comic books. For the purposes of their study, recognition of the symbol is defined as "the common name of the image or the franchise or title from which the image originated. Recognition of symbols, sigils, and logos that included text were defined by the recognition of the franchise or title from which the image originated."

For movie symbols, respondents were asked to identify symbols from movies like 'Back to the Future part II', 'Monsters, Inc.', 'Kingsman', and others. Of the movies, 'Ghostbusters' was the only movie to be recognized by 100% of those surveyed.

Across all symbols, the only others that received 100% recognition were in the comic book category, the symbols of Batman and Superman.

Whereas children of the 90s were more apt to recognize symbols from video games and comic books, it was the children of the 70s who more accurately identified symbols from movies and television, at 40% and 42%, respectively.

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