Let's face it, around this time of year we all spend more money. Looks like a new survey is helping you budget a little better.

The fine folks at Wallethub have conducted their annual survey for Holiday Budgets for 2019. They break down the major cities and determine what people should be spending around this time of the year. Let's face it, you buy presents, a lot more food, and maybe travel a bit more this time of year.

So how much money should you have saved up for this time of the year? According to Wallethub for Wichita Falls is $543. Which is actually on the lower side of the scale at 440 out of 570 major cities. The cheapest Holiday budget is only $111 over in Providence, Rhode Island. The most expensive? Palo Alto, California with a Holiday budget of $3,160.

If you were curious as to how they got these numbers. It's based on five key characteristics of the population, such as income, age and savings-to-monthly expenses ratio. You can check out the full survey for yourself. All I'm gonna say is, don't go into debt this time of the year. Stay within your budget and spend time with the family during the Holidays.

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