What would you do if your favorite team was playing in the World Series and you just happened to find a pair of tickets laying on the ground? That's exactly what happened to Kansas City Police Department Det. Kevin White, and these weren't just any tickets, they were $3000 seats!

It all started when Det. White was handed an envelope by a stranger who found it on the ground. He figured the police officer could track down the envelope's owner. When White opened the envelope and saw the tickets he got the metaphorical angel and devil on his shoulders. He said that while part of him thought how amazing it would be to see the Kansas City Royals play in their first World Series since 1985, the other part of him knew that those belonged to someone.

White told KCTV 5 News, “I kept thinking how cool it would be to go, however, what if this is some dad and his 12-year-old son that this is his dream to go and he spent $3,000. How do you explain that to a 12-year-old that I just lost the tickets,” White then tracked down the ticket's owner through the Wells Fargo logo on the envelope. Eventually he discovered that the tickets were donated to a local church to be used in a fundraising auction.

The church got their tickets back, but White didn't walk away just feeling good for doing the right thing. Academy Sports and Outdoors heard White's story and decided to reward his good deed with a pair of tickets to the game! Check out the video below from KCTV 5 for the whole story!