Congratulations, Incredibles fans. The sequel, Incredibles 2, is now streaming on Netflix. As in right now, right this second. As soon as you are finished reading this post (and dozens of other extremely fine posts at this exceptional website) you can go watch it.

(Settlers of Catan jokes? In 2019? What does Incredibles 2 have to do with board games? We’re very confused right now. Did we forget the Catan references in Incredibles 2? Was the Screenslaver secretly a huge Catan nerd?)

Odds are you already saw Incredibles 2 at least once; the film made over $1.2 billion worldwide, and became the biggest movie ever in the history of Pixar Animation Studios—both domestically and internationally. Sadly, at least for Netflix subscribers, Incredibles 2 will be one of the final Disney movies added to the streaming service. The company’s licensing deal with Netflix ends later this year. In the future, Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm’s properties will all be available on Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, which is scheduled to launch later this year.

In other words, enjoy Incredibles 2 on Netflix while you still can — and it’s there right now. Watch it right here at this link.

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