If you’ve ever wanted to know what the woman behind Siri’s voice looks like, you’re not alone. We’re finally getting a chance to put a face with the voice in this video about Siri. After checking out the clip I decided to ask Siri what she looks like, then repeated the question a few times. Here is what she had to say:

“To tell the truth, I’m rather abstract-looking.”


“In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.”

“Let’s just say… multidimensional.”


CORRECTION: When I originally did this post it was my understanding from the video that Allison Dufty was the voice actor behind Siri. I received an email from Ms. Dufty to explained that she is not the voice behind Siri after all and that my post was incorrect. Her Web site also states: “Allison Dufty is an award-winning writer, producer and voiceover artist (and is absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri, a case of mistaken identity that is making the rounds of blogs right now!)”


My apologies to Ms. Dufty was we continue to wonder who is in fact behind the voice of Apple’s ever-popular assistant!

Original Post: Lucky for us we don’t need to wonder anymore because the identity has been revealed as Allison Dufty, the ultimate voiceover artist. After seeing her and imagining she may have grandchildren, those questions you asked about where to hide the body or all those times you tried to get her to swear for you may make you feel a little guilty. Well, at least for a moment while you decide what off-the-wall question to ask her next.