We all know that Texans will fight someone to the death for bad-mouthing the Cowboys, but what NFL team comes in 2nd in the hearts of Texans?

In a study conducted by online clothing store CustomInk.com, they looked into the favorite NFL team for each state that is not the home team. And for Texans, if they're not rooting for the Cowboys, they're cheering on the boys from San Francisco.


This also produced a result that won't sit well with Cowboys fans, as it puts a dent in the idea of them being "America's Team". Not only are the 49ers the favorite out of state team for Texans, they are the favorite out of state team for more states than any other team. By these results, the Steelers and the Giants also beat out the Coyboys,


So what is your favorite out of state team? Let us know in the comments below!

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