Today is Celebrity Look-A-Like Day…which is basically just another way for you to say that you look so much better than Kim Kardashian…or whoever your celeb doppelganger is.  This is always fun to do anyways because depending on the photo of you that you use you could end up looking like a bunch of girls or a bunch of guys. In my case it was a bunch of girls so i opted to use a different picture – as flattering as it is that I look like Charliz Theron…

Curious about your look-a-likes? Check out a few ways to see yours below.

To compare pictures in Google take your Facebook photo or upload a new one and plugged it in to Google Image:


Picadilo offers the most straight forward celebrity look-a-like software. You plug in your pic, Picadilo analyzes it, and then generates responses based on the photo. I like it better than Google Image because these are actually celebrities.