Got a lot of hate in my heart and one guy at sporting events pisses me off. Mr. Wreckin Ball.

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It's always weird to me to hate someone you never met, but I can't go to a game in Dallas without running into this guy. I love the Mavericks, Stars, and Cowboys. I also go to Rangers games when my Orioles are in town. I swear, this guy is at EVERY game. So why do I hate him?


Simple, jealous. I wish I was at every sporting event. What a life! Wear a big dumb helmet and watch sports all day, sign me up! Plus with his insane headwear, he ALWAYS gets on the jombotron. Hell, he always gets on TV as well. I need to know what this guy does besides sell these massive helmets. Apparently he is an aerospace engineering consultant, that's the business I need to be in to afford these tickets. By the way, he always has nice seats as well. No nosebleeds for this guy.


He apparently has over 200 designs of these fat helmets that work for any sport. Love What about volleyball? YES HE HAS A VOLLEYBALL HELMET. Then while doing research today I learned that you can book him for events. So if you want the giant helmet guy at your birthday, he can be there.


You can get more info on his helmets and him as well on his site. Maybe one day I can be the massive fan that this guy is. Just need to invent something for people to wear at games to let that money roll in. Let me put my dumb sports brain to work on that.

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