Sometimes it feels like all we ever hear about is bad news. But today I’ve got some damn good news for those of us here in Texoma.

I’ll be the first to admit to cussing gas prices these days. With prices as high as they are, I rarely ever fill the tank up in my pickup. I usually stick to our gas budget, which doesn’t allow for a full tank at current prices (even though I always save money by fueling up at Sam’s Club). So, I try not travel any more than I have to.

But, if you’re someone like me who is always looking for the silver lining, here it is. According to AAA, Wichita Falls has some of the lowest gas prices in the state of Texas. And that's saying something, because the Lone Star State has the cheapest prices in the United States.

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As of this posting, the national average is $3.302 per gallon. The average here in Texas is $2.895 per gallon. The current average here in Wichita Falls is slightly higher at $2.930 per gallon.

Top 5 Least Expensive Gas Prices in Texas

  1. San Antonio ($2.68)
  2. Amarillo ($2.72)
  3. McAllen ($2.74)
  4. Corpus Christi ($2.75)
  5. Laredo ($2.77)

Depending on your perspective, that may not be good news to you at all - and I get it. Paying almost $3.00 per gallon just plain sucks. But, it could be so much worse.

We could be in California, where they’re paying an average of $4.663 per gallon. And that, my friend, is literal highway robbery.

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