A would-be Wichita Falls burglar may have already had justice served before even being placed in handcuffs.

At 9:52 PM last night (August 8th), Wichita Falls Police responded to a disturbance in he 1400 block of Covington Street. According to KFDX, 33-year-old David Mendoza had been spotted peering into one of his neighbor's windows with a flashlight.

The neighbor, Aaron Muschamp, said that after his wife had spotted Mendoza, he went to his house to confront him about it. He also believed that Mendoza had sent text messages to his friends saying they could rob Muschamp's house because he wasn't at home.

Allegedly, when Mendoza opened his door he began trying to choke Muschamp. Muschamp began to run back to his house and Mendoza chased him. He said he could tell Mendoza had something in his hands but wasn't sure what. Muschamp later found a large, silver kitchen knife in his yard as well as a cut from it on his arm.

Mendoza caught up to the victim, so Muschamp defended himself by kicking and punching the attacker in the face numerous times. The entire fight ended up being caught on Muschamp's home surveillance video camera.

According to TRN, Police were able to watch the video and see that Mendoza had been carrying the knife and pointing it towards the victim. They also confirmed the text messages about the would-be burglary on his phone.

Police charged Mendoza with aggravated assault and booked him into the Wichita County Jail after taking him to the hospital for his injuries. As of this morning, his bail had not been set.

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