If you're a part of the Choose to Reuse Program in Wichita Falls, one of your annual compost giveaways is tomorrow (March 4th, 2023).

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Wichita Falls has some amazing programs that go on throughout the city and one that I love to see people being a part of is the Choose to Reuse program. One of your neighbors may have a green trashcan that the city of Wichita Falls comes to pickup on Wednesdays.

What is Choose to Reuse?

In that green trashcan goes things like grass clippings, tree trimmings, kitchen food, waste and paper products, such as, junk mail, cardboard, newspaper, paper plates and cups, chip board and magazines.

Compost Giveaway

All of that material is then turned into compost that you can use on your property here in Wichita Falls. Twice a year, the city allows folks to come pick up the compost. It's the first Saturday in March and also in October.


If you're already a part of the program, you can come on Saturday from 9AM until 3PM to collect your compost.


Wichita Falls Landfill

10984 Wiley Road

Wichita Falls,Texas 76307

How Much Can You Take?

One pickup truck or 4x8 trailer load per person

What Do You Need to Bring?

Besides your vehicle or trailer of course. Be sure you bring a City of Wichita Falls water bill. That is where the $3 charge goes every month when you're a part of the Choose to Reuse Program.

Must Cover Debris!

Friendly reminder, bring something with you that will allow your truck bed or trailer to be covered. This is to ensure that debris does not go out on to the Wichita Falls roadways. This is a state law by the way.

For more info, you can call the City of Wichita Falls Landfill at 940-631-8274. If you want to sign up for the Choose to Reuse Program, that info can be found here.

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