UPDATE: Things Get Awkward When Smith Family Returns to Family Feud

The Smith family wasn't feuding this morning, they gave Steve Harvey a nice dance off.

Some members of the Smiths may no longer live in Wichita Falls, but they did grow up in our area. Attending Hirschi high school and some attending Midwestern State throughout their lives. The five people that had the pleasure to try to win some cash on 'Family Feud' this morning were LeGwenda Smith Potter, Dano Smith, Shayla Smith Green, George Brooks and William Green.

LeGwenda is the sister to Dano and Shayla. The families first cousin George was the fourth. Shayla's husband William was the final member for the show. George is the one who told Steve Harvey he just gave up stripping and showed us all his dance skills this morning, along with William Green, or as the world now knows him, 'Poundcake.'

The Smiths did win this morning, so that means they get to compete another day. The next episode will air locally on CBS (channel 6) Wednesday at 9am.

Here's George and 'Poundcake' earning $20,000 in the Fast Money game:

We will keep an eye on how the Smiths do during the next show and hopefully 'Family Feud' keeps these clips coming.

TRN reports that Smith children's parents still live here in Wichita Falls. Rev. Leo and Mrs. Gwen Rentz Smith still reside in the city. First cousin George's parents still live here as well, Ms. Earnestine Brooks and George L. Brooks. I am sure everyone in the family will be tuned in to see how they do.

UPDATE: Things Get Awkward When Smith Family Returns to Family Feud

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