Wow, congratulations Wichita Falls. The numbers don't lie.

A new article popped up in USA Today about high school graduation rates for the country. Good news is that the high school graduation rate has been rising for the entire country, which is something we can all be proud about. We can stand a little taller in Wichita Falls for having the best in the entire country.

The Wichita Falls high school graduation rate is at 97.4%. A high school diploma is very important, especially when it comes to getting a high paying job. The average non-high school graduate makes about sixteen thousand dollars less than someone who has graduated high school. The median income for Wichita Falls for a less than high school graduate is $19,106.

Wichita Falls also has 23.4% percent of the population with a college degree. Just to let you know the information provided is from the 2014-2015 school year which was the most recent date available nationwide for the survey. Still, pretty awesome to see Wichita Falls leading the way for the entire country for something positive.

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