Thanks to travel issues, 'Limitless' Keith Lee was among several NXT stars to make surprise appearances on WWE Smackdown Friday night.

After their Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia yesterday, WWE superstars were scheduled to leave Riyadh on a charter flight at 3 in the morning, but mechanical issues grounded the flight, stranding several wrestlers who were scheduled to appear live on Smackdown Friday night in Buffalo, NY. To make sure they had a full show, WWE called in several of their NXT wrestlers to appear on the show including NXT Champion Adam Cole, NXT Women's Chamption Shayna Baszler, and Wichita Falls' own 'Limitless Keith Lee'.

Lee appeared with his NXT cohort Matt Riddle in a backstage segment with Sami Zayn, followed by meeting Zayn in the ring and Lee finishing him off with a second rope moonsault.

With major drops in ratings and fan receptions to WWE shows, many fans online are already calling Friday's Smackdown one of the best WWE shows in recent memory, due in large part to the appearances of Lee and the rest of the NXT stars, setting up a Raw/Smackdown vs NXT storyline for the upcoming Survivor Series.

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