Spanking has become a taboo subject nowadays. I think we can all agree if you're using a bat, it's child abuse. 

Michael George Corey has been charged with three counts of injury to a child. He has been in jail since September 29. Tammy Lynn Vaughn was arrested Thursday and has also been charged with three counts of injury to a child. She bonded out of jail Saturday.

Wichita Falls Police began an investigation after one of the kids showed up to Lamar Elementary School with bruises on his face and was bleeding from his ear. Child protective services found two girls at a mobile home who admitted to being beaten as well.

The kids said sometimes a paddle was used that had zip ties attached to it.

A hospital examination was ordered and the children had severe bruising and swelling over many parts of their bodies. One of the kids said that Michael Corey would make her bend over and touch bricks in the front yard. The girl said if she moved or fell, Corey would reportedly restart the number of times he would hit her, and would sometimes keep hitting her when she was on the ground, the records stated.

The paddle that Corey allegedly used on the kids had the phrase 'Act Right' written on it. The girls reported that the boy would be hit 90 times for not writing sentences properly on a piece of paper.

A search of the home turned up a wooden paddle with the words written in black lettering and black zip ties and tape wrapped around it, the TRN reported.  A piece of paper also found in the house had the number 600 on it and there were marks that appeared as though someone was keeping count, KFDX reported.

Tammy Lynn Vaughn said Corey would force her to watch the kids being beaten. She said she would try to look away from it happening. Vaughn did not give police an excuse as to why she would not report the abuse.

No word on the relation of these two individuals and the children in the case.

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