A Wichita Falls man is lucky to be alive, and has a crazy story to tell his friends, after making the mistake of crawling into a dumpster.

Wichita Falls Fire Department Battalion chief Mike Davis told TRN that the man appeared to be about 60 years old. Apparently the man had crawled into a dumpster to seek shelter. A city garbage truck picked up the dumpster, not knowing that it was occupied at the time.

The trash truck then compacted the trash, with the man included, and drove it to the Wichita Falls Transfer Station where it was dumped into a large pit to later be transfer to the landfill.

Luckily, someone saw the man falling from the truck into the pit and heard his cries for help. Fire crews and other emergency responders were called to rescue the man. They were able to get him out of the pit and taken by ambulance to the hospital. Davis said that the man was conscious when they got him out of the pit.

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