The thing causing the most commotion at the loudest car competition was not a subwoofer, it was a belligerent guy in his underwear. 

Video has been going around Wichita Falls of a man in his underwear refusing to let go of a sound system and then getting tased by a Wichita Falls police officer.

This past Saturday the United States Autosound Competition International World Finals was taking place at the J.S. Bridwell AG Center. Basically, the event is all about who has the loudest sound system in their car. You would think the police were called to the scene from people in the area complaining about the music, nope. They were called because of Alex James Close Jr.

Mr. Close was asked to leave the event several times after he had allegedly damaged the bathrooms at the AG center. TRN reports the damages at around $750.

Bathroom damage at J.S. Bridwell AG Center
Bathroom damage at J.S. Bridwell AG Center

Because Close was asked to leave and did not, police were going to arrest him and charge him with criminal trespassing. Before police arrived, Close had stripped down to his underwear and allegedly threatened to kill someone at the event.

Close refused to leave and grabbed one of the vehicles taking part in the competition. He was eventually tased and arrested. He has been charged with criminal trespass, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and possession of marijuana.

Alex James Close Jr wichita falls
Alex James Close Jr. (Wichita County)

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