By Gavin Belle & Keandra Davis

The Wichita Falls Nighthawks held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the changes that will be made to the team and it's ownership.

"The Nighthawks Nation has been through a lot the last couple years. A lot of highs, few lows, but one thing we always stood for was character and trying to do right and be a beacon for our city. The Lord delivers again, he has really blessed us, and blessed us with a big opportunity to take this team to the next level," former NightHawks owner, Jerry Hughes said.

The Nighthawks recently went public about their financial problems. However, new team owner Drew Carenes hopes to not only make the team a financial success, but also give back to the community.

"We're going to do everything we can to try and get into schools and have them sell tickets. There will be fund raising opportunities for schools to sell tickets for us. Where kids who sell tickets can get down on the field and be apart of pregame activities. I really want the fans to interact with us," said Carenes.

Wichita Falls Nighthawks new owner Drew Carenes (right) holds press conference with former owner Jerry Hughes (center) and Hype Man Simeon Hendrix (left).

During the press conference, Carenes expressed his faith in what he thinks will become a successful franchise ultimately. Although the team remains in existence, the Nighthawks currently do not have any players or league affiliations. What is clear is whatever league that comes to Wichita Falls football will be played indoors.

When asked if former players will return for the new season, Carenes said that he will not be making any player decisions and is hiring a coach to pick the best players possible. He did say he wanted to bring as many old players back as possible.

"We will have open tryouts probably sometime in either late September or early October and another open tryout in late January, and training camp will start sometime in early February time frame, and I would love to have any of those guys (former players) tryout for us." Carener said.

The nighthawks had a great turnout at the press conference. Many fans came out to show their love and support of the team. Although the start of a new season is still up in the air, one thing is for sure; Wichita Falls will remain the home of Nighthawks football! See some highlights of the press conference in the video above!