Crime Stoppers of Wichita Falls is looking for information on a cold case homicide.

On September 6, 1987, victim Julio Pomarez was discovered outside of the Mi Oficina bar, located at the intersection of 2nd and Scott. Pomarez was alive but had been stabbed. He later passed away from his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

Not much is known about the crime and the police could use your help solving it.

If you have any information on this or any other felony crime, call Crime Stoppers twenty-four hours a day at (940)322-9888, or if you’re calling long distance, call (800)322-9888. You can also use the P3 Tips app on your mobile device or submit your tip at

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You never have to give your name, and if your information leads to the arrest and board approval, you could earn up to $10,000.

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