Shop at Target without even leaving the car.

Target just unveiled the drive up plan for Texas Targets. I gave a call to our local Target on Kemp and they confirmed they have this service. Here is how it works. Download the Target app on your phone. Select Pick Up Delivery option.

After you placed your order, Target will send you an alert and an email letting you know your order is ready. Depending on how big your order is, it could take some time to get all of your stuff ready. Target says no more than two hours. When you want to go, let Target know you are on the way. Park in one of the designated pick up delivery spots. On the app, you then let them know you're there. A barcode will appear on the app. Target employee scans that to confirm it is you and you get your purchase.

All purchases will be paid on the app before the pickup. No need to go in the store anymore if you don't want to. Let's face it, most people who shop at Target love walking around the store. Don't know how popular this will be. If you want it, they have it for you there right now.

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