A local transgender woman is speaking out after being forced to show identification at a bar after using the restroom.

Ricki Morgan, who has publicly identified as a woman for the last five years, was hanging out with her friends at a local nightclub Saturday night when she got up to use the restroom. When leaving the restroom, Morgan was approached by a bouncer and told that the manager needed to speak to her. The manager asked to see Morgan's identification because they received a complaint about a man using the women's restroom. Morgan, who frequents the bar, told the manager that it had never been an issue before, which the manager agreed with but said it was an issue that night.

When Morgan and her friends decided to leave, Morgan had another conversation with the manager in which the manager offered her the use of another bathroom in the back, an offer which made Morgan uncomfortable,

It just kind of reminds me of the civil rights movement in the 60s. The bathrooms were segregated, water fountains were segregated. And it scares me to think our country is right back on that same track.

Morgan told the manager she was concerned about using the men's room because of the reaction she'd receive there, asking the manager what would happen if she entered the men's room full of men who didn't want her there and they physically harmed her. The manager understood Morgan's point and changed his tune, offering to work with Morgan on a solution.

KFDX reached out to the nightclub for comment on Monday, but haven't heard back. Morgan said that she does plan to go back to the bar, and hopes that people will realize that transgender people aren't trying to use restrooms for nefarious purposes,

A lot of people think transgender people are out to cause them problems and hurt innocent people in the bathrooms, and that's not the case. We're just like anybody else.