The Trump artist knows we see him and he let us know. 

This morning I had to go to one of our station vehicles to put a table cloth back in from the Home and Garden show this past weekend. I noticed one of them had a piece of paper on it. I honestly thought it was a coupon or a flyer for a sale. To my surprise, it was another Trump graffiti sticker.

Trump graffiti art sticker

THANKFULLY, they didn't actually stick it on the van and just placed it under the windshield wiper. I thought someone just found another one and was showing it to us. Nope, this is from the actual artist because they left us a note on the back.

The note reads: "I see you seeing me. Be on the lookout, They're multiplying by 3". The artist signed it as "Ghost."

Thanks for the note, Ghost, it really made our day. We will be on the lookout for more. If you want to leave us another note, tell us why you do this. We would love to find out more.

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