One week from today one of the worst holidays is coming up...Valentine's Day. Don't worry fellas, I got your back.

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I just want to say, you should be doing something nice for your significant other throughout the year. Not just on February 14th. However, we all feel pressure on this day to do something. So I am going to give you some suggestions on what to do and feel free to do one of them to make the day special or go all out with all of them. PLUS, support some great local businesses.


Having your girl wake up to some flowers would be a great way to start the morning. I personally like the flower department at Market Street if you just want to make it quick. You can also try the local flower shops like Bebb's Flowers, The Basketcase, or Mystic Floral. It's a cliche thing to do on Valentine's Day, but this whole holiday is about this kind of crap...stuff I meant stuff.


Yeah box of chocolates is nice, but let's be honest. Do we all like everything in that box? Hell no, go get your significant other's favorite candy. If you went and got me a big bag of Swedish Fish at Candy Craze in Sikes Senter Mall I would be happy. If you want something more fancy, B Cocoa Artisan Chocolate off 8th Street has got your back. Of course chocolate covered strawberries at The Pecan Shed are a typical Valentine's Day sweet.

Spa Day

From what I know about ladies (which is honestly not a lot), they just want to feel pretty. Something as simple as getting their nails done, a massage, or a facial can go a long way. If your girl is cool with getting a gift card you could do that to one of these places. You could also book an appointment and pay for it upfront for them. If you want an experience with a little bit of everything. Spa Bella off Kemp or Azure in Downtown Wichita Falls has a bunch of great services.


This is honestly what everyone is expecting on Valentine's Day. A nice meal out. I personally love sushi, so I would recommend Sakura, Samurai, or Wasabi. I personally prefer Sakura's sushi, but at Samurai and Wasabi you also get the option of a full hibachi meal. A nice steak dinner is always a good choice. Can't ever go wrong with McBrides or Pelicans. Also Karat Bar and Bistro would be a good choice downtown as well.

Date Night

This is what I am all about going to do...something fun. I'm throwing out movies as an option, that's lame. I'm a big arcade person. I would suggest The Deep End or Maniac's Mansion(NOTE: Maniac's Mansion is closed on Tuesdays, so Valentine's would be a no go). Pay a cover charge, arcades set to free play and just have a night. Go whoop your girl's butt in some Mario Kart is always a satisfying time.

More Sweets

Yeah, candy is not enough for me. I want ice cream as well. You got a bunch of great local options in Wichita Falls. Yogurt Journey off of Kemp(YEAH I KNOW IT"S FROZEN YOGURT) let's you add as many toppings as you want. If you like rolled ice cream, The Cold Creamery off of Southwest Parkway is great (Note they're currently closed for renovations). Don't forget about Bee's Rolled Ice Cream inside of Stone Oven Pizza.(Note Bee's is closed on Tuesdays)

Go Karts/Mini Golf

When I think of typical date ideas. My first thought is always mini golf. I don't know why. If a girl is cool with a round of mini golf for a fun night out, the relationship will probably last. Get in a round of putt putt and then do a few laps of go karts to spend some time together at family fun zone. REMEMBER NO BUMPING! Be careful if you choose roller skating. You can look like a real idiot if you bust your ass on a date. If you do it regularly, give it a shot. If you haven't been on skates in a decade, might want to skip that part of Family Fun Zone.

Wine or Beer Night's the problem with this one. We have four amazing wineries in Wichita Falls, yet all are closed on Tuesdays. I highly recommend checking out Horseshoe Bend, 6th Street Winery, OG Cellars at The Holt, and Hook and Ladder Winery. All have amazing wines and cheese boards to enjoy. You may not be able to plan a Valentine's Date, but you can make this one another date night. I will tell you what's open on Tuesdays, the Wichita Falls Brewery. If your girl likes pizza and beer, go here.

More Adult Activities

Mini golf/go karts is for kids technically. Wichita Falls has axe throwing and pool halls if your girl is down for a game of that. Note, not all girls are down for these. So maybe ask if this is something they would be interested in before you go. Sadly axe throwing will have to be another date night since they're not open on Tuesdays. You can check out The Depot in downtown Wichita Falls or The Cooch off of Midwestern Parkway for all your axe throwing needs. Many bars have pool tables, but the places with the best selection of tables would be Broad Street Billiards, The Players Lounge, Fat Alberts, Fast Eddies, and West End.

SUPER Adult Activities

Kids, stop reading here. Yeah...let's be honest. A bunch of you are planning on getting laid on Valentine's Day. Why not spice things up in the bedroom with some lingerie, toys or movies. Check out Adam and Eve, Christie's Toy Box, or DW's Adult Video. A little extra something in the bedroom would be a fun way to close out the night.

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