Many Texoma residents made fun memories on visits to Castaway Cove water park this summer. For one Wichita Falls woman, those memories ended up landing her behind bars, with a slightly more tan mugshot than she normally would have had.

WFPD/Kourtney Craig

Wichita Falls Police arrested 34-year-old Kourtney Craig for using a stolen credit card to buy season passes to the park for herself and her son. She had allegedly gotten the stolen card number from a customer's card at her work.

KFDX reported that the radiator shop where Craig worked reported to police that a customer had told them that their card was charged for the passes. They had called the park about the charges and found out that one of the names listed was for Craig's son.

Police confirmed the information with the park and also got pictures and printouts of the passes that had been issued to Craig and her son. They interviewed Craig and she admitted to using the stolen card number to make the purchase. She was charged with Credit Card Abuse.

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