You may remember Wichita Falls resident Tiffany Humpert's amazing transformation on the television show 'Extreme Weight Loss' back in 2015. After losing so much in her life, Tiffany decided it was time to lose the weight, and she's lucky she did because the weight she lost actually revealed a bigger problem.

At her peak, Tiffany weighed around 360 pounds. She came into that show at 296 pounds and was able to shed 147 pounds. Massive shout out to Tifanny for that, it is no easy task.

Being that overweight is not healthy for anyone. Thanks to that weight loss, Tiffany was able to discover a major health problem. Tiffany discovered a lump in her breast after losing all that weight. Tiffany went in for a mammogram and the lump she discovered was cancerous. The Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth helped Tiffany out with her mammogram, to chemo, and to her double mastectomy.

Dr. Keith Argenbright, the director at Moncrief, says body fat isn't just a risk for cancer, it can also hinder a person's ability to survive it. "The fact she lost weight before her cancer diagnosis does nothing but help her fight this cancer," he said. "It did save her life," Heath said. "No question."

Tiffany says she never would've felt that lump had she remained obese. "Honestly I feel like the show set me up to be in an amazing place to fight cancer," she told WFAA.

Tiffany is now cancer-free, engaged to be married and teaching trampoline fitness. If you would like to take part in one of her classes. She does these at Urban Air on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Wichita Falls.

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