Looks like Will Ferrell is up to something, we don't really know what. He has been spotted in some interesting places.

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You know him for his countless comedy roles, but Will Ferrell is currently filming a documentary. Basically, a coast to coast road trip showing off the great U-S-A. Will so far was been spotted in some interesting places.

Indiana Will Ferrell Spotted

It all started about a week ago when he was spotted at a Pacers game. Folks didn't think much of it because a celebrity at an NBA game is not too weird. However, attending one in the middle of the country was a little strange. Turns out, that was part of his road trip.

Iowa Will Ferrell Spotted

Will Ferrell spotted filming at a bar in Iowa, once again just telling folks this is a part of a documentary. Over the weekend, he made it to both Texas and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Will Ferrell Spotted

Apparently this coffee shop in Harrah, Oklahoma held a Jeeps and Java event. Will said he loves Jeeps and had to stop by and check it out. His documentary crew ordered a bunch of coffee and was on their way back on the road trip. We now know where he was going.


Texas Will Ferrell Spotted

Last night, the famous Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo had Will Ferrell come in to try their famous 72 oz steak challenge. For some reason he was dressed like his Sherlock Holmes character. As of right now, we don't know where Will is off to next. He could be spotted in another Texas destination or be off to another state. We will keep an eye out for that, but once this documentary comes out. It will be pretty cool to see Will checking out Texas and Oklahoma.

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