Is it smart to buy a lotto ticket with someone you’re dating? This is a good reason why you shouldn’t!

Last fall a woman named Denise Robertson was living with her boyfriend Maurice in Canada. They have been living together for over two years and always played the lottery together. Last September, Denise heard on the radio that a winning lottery ticket had been sold in her town. Maurice had bought the tickets that week, so she asked him if one of their tickets had won. He said no and she thought nothing of it. I mean, what are the chances?

The very next day when Denise gets home from work, Maurice had split. Turns out they did win and he took off with his clothes, his toothbrush his passport, and the winning ticket worth $6.1 million.

Denise ended up filing a lawsuit against Maurice for half the jackpot, plus $500,000 in "damages." She says that they had an agreement to share everything regardless of who bought the ticket. Maurice, however, has lawyer-ed up himself and is fighting it.

Listen to the lottery story below, plus Big Al’s new relationship might be at a standstill and it’s all because he went over the dating mileage:

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