What advice would you give to someone that is ready to pop the question to her longtime boyfriend?

Kellie, our resident love expert, had her hands full today with quite a variety of very unique love dilemmas.

A young woman wrote in about the future of her and her boyfriend, they have been together since they were 4 and are 28 now. Having literally never been with anyone else they have always planned on getting married and had decided to wait until they were settled in their careers. Well, he has finished med school and she is the assistant director of a daycare so she feels the time has come.

Her dilemma, she wants to propose to him and she's worried about whether or not she should get him a ring or one for herself. Kellie had an immediate response as well as the other co-hosts, this absolutely is the wrong thing to do and she personally would never do it!

I think most of us would agree with Kellie, a man needs to do this on his own time and proposing to him will probably just force the issue and put unneeded pressure on the relationship and the future of it. One other thing Kellie suggested was that they just sit down and talk about where things are in the relationship and see if they are one the same page with the timeline.

Another listener is getting ready for a trip with her boyfriend and is extremely concerned about having to use the bathroom in such close quarters.

Listen to Kellie’s advice on those letters and more!

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