When it comes to television, there seems to be the philosophy that a good thing must be kept going by all means necessary. If a show proves to be successful, it must run until it’s completely lost steam — whether that happens as the result of lower ratings or a lack of funding.

Nowadays, in the era of the limited series and streaming services, that isn’t the only option anymore. It is possible for a show to end on its own terms, without any external factors influencing its overall arc. But back in the days of cable, the mentality was to keep a show running, as long as it was proving to be popular with viewers. Some shows even warranted the rare second chance — the revival. Why revive a show that’s long-since gone off the air?

Sometimes, a network sees an opportunity to market a show to a new demographic of viewers, so the show is brought back on the air. Other times, a streaming service will pick up a cult favorite series that couldn’t survive on cable. Either way, launching a TV revival is always a risk — can a show recapture what fans loved about the original series, while also introducing something fresh and original? While there are plenty of reboots that get it right (think The Office, The Twilight Zone, and Doctor Who) there are more than a few that get it very, very wrong.

Here are 10 TV revivals that were so bad, they actually threatened to ruin the legacy of their original series.

10 TV Revivals That Were So Bad They Ruined Their Original Shows

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