WWE legend Edge is our latest guest on ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ Running through his entire career, the Rated R Superstar proved and disproved what’s written about him online in anticipation for his main event match at Wrestlemania 37.

One falsehood on Wikipedia says that when Edge formed the Brood with Gangrel and Christian, he lacked the confidence to be singles star in the WWE. “I didn’t lack confidence in being a singles guy,” Edge explains. “It was that there was no direction to the character, so with the Brood I went, ‘Oh, here we go. Now there’s a character.’ I was reading vampire encyclopedias and trying to dip into the lore. That’s what I needed.”

Though it’s true that Edge won his first singles title in his hometown, he actually wasn’t booked to become the Intercontinental Champion that night. “During the match we did this thing where I pinned [Jeff Jarrett] and the crowd thought I won and then they were gonna reverse it, but then Jack Lanza, who was the road agent at the time, walked out and said, ‘Go get your belt.’ I went, ‘Whaaaa?’ We’re calling an audible here!”

Edge also recalls the first time he was ever choked unconscious during a match, suffering second-degree burns in a match with Mick Foley, his short-lived time in WCW and more.

Check out the Edge edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ in the player below and make sure to watch Edge main-event Wrestlemania on April 10 + 11. Catch the Showcase of the Immortals on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network around the world.

Edge - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

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