In the latest edition of 2k sports basketball franchise, NBA 2k13 they added an interesting player to one of its rosters.

If you always wanted to control Justin Bieber select the "Celeb team" in the team menu. On it you have Justin Bieber, Bow Wow, JB Smoove, Chamilionaire, Pauly D from Jersey Shore, and even The Office's Brian Baumgartner.

I have bought this game and I was shocked to find out that this celeb team is given a 97 overall rating. The 1992 dream is given a 99 overall rating. So this means this team is only two points away from what many believe is to be the greatest team ever. I do not think this rating is accurate, but I guess you got to make the celebrities happy.

If you enjoy basketball video games I highly recommend picking up NBA 2k13 its amazing. Challenge me on Xbox 360 @ ogre mad.

Check out Virtual Justin Bieber below: