Most of us have played, or seen, or heard about Super Mario Kart and if you have played it you know how fun and addicting it can be. How would you like to actually play Mario Kart, complete with banana peels, magic mushrooms, turtle shells and the all powerful stars? Well thanks to a group of engineers under the name Waterloo Labs and their cowboy engineering, you may have a chance at racing your dream race.

The guys at Waterloo Labs put special little cards that give out a certain signal so that when you pick up an item, it detects your car. After holding an item for two seconds it becomes active. In the case of the banana peel, after it has become activated and you toss it on the roadway, the next car that the banana senses will have its steering locked to one side for three seconds. And with the mushroom, if your car senses it, it will push your throttle, programmed to run at only 75%, to 100% for five seconds. You get the picture, it's pretty freaking cool.

The lab could only be set it up temporary at a go-kart track near Austin, but they provide all the info that they used to set up the track on their website and will even help you set up you own track if your that interested.. You can check out their website HERE.