Every guy has a chick flick he'll admit to watching. Usually, it's "Jerry Maguire" or "The Princess Bride".

But what about chick flicks guys love but won't admit they watch?  According to Egotastic.com, there are 10 that stand out above the rest.  Here they are:

1. "Mean Girls",  2004

2. "The Proposal",  2009

3. "The Notebook",  2004

4. "Bridget Jones' Diary",  2001

5. "Titanic",  1997

6. "Sweet Home Alabama",  2002

7. "Never Been Kissed",  1999

8. "Legally Blonde",  2001

9. "Love, Actually",  2003

10. "13 Going on 30",  2004

This is a pretty short-sighted list. "Titanic" is the only entry from the previous century.  Obviously, that ignores a TON of movies. I mean, no "Pretty In Pink" or "16 Candles"?  "Sleepless In Seattle" or "When Harry Met Sally"?  No "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "Gone With the Wind"?

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding", anyone?  What about "The Bridges of Madison County"?  A little pre-chair Clint Eastwood, anyone?

Okay guys, the field is wide open on this one. What's YOUR favorite chick flick?  But remember, it has to be one you don't want to admit you like. And girls, why not call your man out and let everyone know his deep, dark chick flick secrets. Leave a comment below.

Here's a pretty lengthy list of chick flicks if you want some ideas.