This week in the New Music Challenge it's a battle of Turbo pop with "Breathe Carolina" putting their song "blackout" up against newcomer "Outasight" in a New Music Challenge battle. Vote for the song you like the best, and, as always, may the best song win!

  • Blackout

    The world's first "Electro-Punk" is trying to make the big time with the uptempo jam, "Blackout". Denver natives Kyle Even and David Schmitt make up "Breathe Carolina" and took the name from a dream Schmitt had in 9th grade about calming down a woman named Carolina. Let's see if they can claim the New Music Challenge.

  • Tonight Is The Night

    Richard Andrew, better known by his stage name "Outasight", is an American singer and rapper from Yonkers, New York. Though he is considered a hip-hop artist, he draws influence from other genres such as classic rock and soul, and describes his music as "Energetic hip hop mixed with melodic soul".  Check out his new song "Tonight Is The Night" on the New Music Challenge.

  • Vote for the song you like best here.

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