I hate bullying. I feel that any chance we get to end it should be taken - which make this story beyond ridiculous. A bullied child was threatened with a felony charge of wiretapping for recording his bullies while they were picking on him. The kicker is that when he told the school they made him delete the recording and told him he was the bad person and they would be calling the cops because he 'illegally recorded' the bullies!

Yes. Instead of dealing with the actual problem. They made the kid feel worse about himself, covered up the fact and evidence of the bullying, gave the kid a criminal record, and did absolutely nothing to the bullies or teacher who allowed the bullying!

The school does have rules about recording other students and maybe they did what they thought was right - but they were clearly wrong!

What do you think - was the bullied kid in the wrong here at all? Leave us a comment below and check out the full story and court information at the benswann website.