So much for “winter color” in the city flower beds, at least for this year.  The City of Wichita Falls has announced they will not be purchasing winter flowers this year due to the drought.  Normally, the city replaces spring/summer plants with more winter-tolerant plants in October.  But with the ongoing drought and poor prospects for meaningful rains, the city has opted to not make the investment.  Summer flowers for 2013 were ordered last fall and the city has been trying to find a buyer for the plants.  Since no buyer stepped up, the city moved forward with the summer planting, but the areas where the flowers are located are watered using a highly efficient drip system. The beds will be mulched and watering cut by 30% or more. The Parks Division has already cut watering of trees by 25% and does no watering of grasses.  Should the city move to  Stage 4 Drought all drip irrigation to city flower beds will be stopped.