Well, look at the pictures.  Yes, there is a noticible difference between the two pictures (the older one from November, the recent from a few days ago).  Keep in mind that Bristol, like many other "Dancing With The Stars" contestants, lost a good deal of weight during the show.  Eonline.com contacted Dr. Brian Glatt about the difference in Bristol's appearance and asked his professional opinion on if Sarah Palin's daughter went under the knife.

"Her upper face, her eyes, brows, and forehead seem to be the same as they were.  She's lost a little volume in her cheeks from weight loss, which you'd expect in someone young, but the lower third of her face is a dramatic difference. You could draw a line across the lower third, it's like two different people."

So Dr. Glatt does give some of the credit in her appearance to her weight loss, but he insists he sees something more there.

"She had a double chin before and that's gone now. It looks to me like she's had extensive liposuction throughout her neck, including under her chin, which has clearly been liposuctioned, it's obvious to me."

Several insiders attribute Bristol's new look entirely to her weight loss and new make-up techniques, but Dr. Glatt points out that she went from a square-face to a heart-shaped face, something that is widely considered to be more attractive.  Also, it looks like she lost a lot of weight around her face, but put some weight on in her lower lip, something Dr. Glatt believes is a result of injections.

Is it really too much for celebrities to admit that they had plastic sugery?  Sometimes, it is so obvious but they still deny it.  Ashlee Simpson, I'm looking in your direction...