Did I want to do this? Hell to the no! However, it was for a good cause so I guess I sort of had to.

I have a little fear of heights. Even watching those people hang off the edge of skyscrapers gives me a panic attack. I'm just watching a video and freaking out. So let's have me rappel off probably the most famous building in Wichita Falls.

River Bend Nature Center brought the Over the Edge crew to Wichita Falls and anybody could 'Go Over the Edge', they just had to raise $1,000 for River Bend Nature Center. Around 70 people raised enough money to go over the edge, and River Bend let me do it as well and I was not ready for this.

Here is what sucks. I have bungee jumped and sky jumped as well. With those, I can close my eyes and fall. Not this, I have to slowly get around the edge and slowly go down the building. If I just pull the lever and go, it could lock up. If that happens, I am just dangling there having a panic attack on the side of the building, so I am pulling and stopping, pulling and stopping. No way is this thing locking up on me.

I safely made it the bottom and was still freaking out over this.

I would like to thank everyone that dealt with my not so happy self on Saturday. Just know, I was trying to not think about what was about to happen.

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